OMG I hope Javy accepts the challenge! And somebody better take a video!!!!!

Omg his face tho! LOL

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QuestionDo you think Timmy will do the ALS Challenge? Answer


I damn hope so.

But I’m not sure.  It’s for a good cause if he accepts or declines [since you still have to donate if you decline.]

He’s not always the one to “put himself in the spotlight,” but sometimes he’s brought attention to himself for dumb things.  I mean Hunter called him out for a reason.  If he knew that Timmy would be really uncomfortable doing something like this I’m not sure Hunter would name him.

But I hope so.

but he may not

I hope so…..He’s got “experience”! He took a double gatorade soak from Cain & Javy after his 2nd no no! lol

49ers Preseason Game ( 1st game in Levi’s) or SF Giants game?

I hate when they play at the same time lol

George Kontos doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. 

Just got the latest issue today!
And came across THIS……..

Where has this team been?!